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What is Transit Insurance?

Transit Insurance covers your belongings whilst they are being transported to your new home, office or into a storage facility.

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Why do I need Transit Insurance?

Although every care should be taken by the removal company while transporting and storing your belongings, there may still be occasions when your possessions become lost or damaged.

In some instances, the removal company may be required to compensate you for loss of or damage to your possessions; however, there are many circumstances in which they will not be required to compensate you. These occur in circumstance such as when the loss or damage is caused by natural disaster, or other events beyond their control.

CK Interstate Removals has teamed up with SHC Insurance Brokers, one of the leading insurance brokers in Australia, to provide you with competitive Transit Insurance.

Having provided insurance services for over 20 years, SHC can provide a Transit Insurance option to meet your individual needs.

6 Great Reasons to Choose SHC

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Alternatively, if you need more information about SHC's Transit Insurance you can speak to one of their customers service consultants on: 1300 730 073, or visit

*This is general insurance information for transit. Please contact SHC's customer service department on 1300 550 665 for detailed advice on your individual circumstances.

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