Tips for Moving House in the Rain

Your bags are packed, everything is ready to go and you’re finishing off the final touches on your cleaning checklist. You’re finally ready to move! But before you count your blessings, a sombre, grey cloud approaches from the distance and with it speckles of rain begin pitter-pattering on the now unloading removalist truck. But do not fear, for you remembered the tips for moving the rain so handily given to you right now!

Tip One: Use Protection

The rain is a hassle to move in sometimes, as your cherished items could be water damaged or heaven forbid, destroyed. Box hire is available from good removalist companies that can protect your goods against Zeus, the God of Rain. Very well you can use boxes to protect your goods, but what about that cashmere sweater you ask? No fear, a good removalist company will be able to provide a cardboard portable wardrobe that will ensure your clothing remains intact and crease-free.

Tip Two: Get Insurance

Hiring boxes and protection is a great start to assisting you with moving in the rain, but true peace of mind comes with getting insurance. Free insurance quotes can be found online from removalist companies, and it is a good idea to get insurance regardless of weather. However, rain and water damage is out of the control of removalist companies and sometimes problems arise. Also, if you’re moving interstate, the weather is no doubt different there to where you previously lived.

Tip Three: Put Feet in the Air

The last tip is to put your feet in the air – both physically and metaphorically. If you are helping with the moving process ensure that you are wearing good quality shoes, if not you may slip and hurt yourself. If you’re not wearing good shoes, don’t risk hurting yourself in the wet weather.

Metaphorically, put your feet in the air when you are moving and let the removalists do the work! Packing and unpacking services are available so that you don’t have to worry about anything – simply let qualified removalists and unpackers do the hard work for you – and enjoy watching the rain!