Top Tips For Protecting Your Walls and Floors During a Move

Most of us forget the floors and walls of our houses when moving due to the hundreds of other things on our minds. The truth is your moving day will experience a lot of traffic from you, family members, removalists and anyone else who is helping out. This constant traffic and moving large furniture can make walls and floors dirty and sometimes damaged. It is important to be proactive and look after your floor and walls to avoid a disaster.

Moving Furniture

When moving your furniture there a few tips to consider to avoid any damage to your walls or floors. Some of our best tips are:

  • Wrap sharp edges in bubble wrap
  • Avoid moving large objects through small spaces where possible
  • Have a spotter to watch how close the object is to walls and in case someone grows tired so they can step in to avoid it being dropped

Keeping the Floors Clean

Keeping your floors clean during a move is a daunting task. We have a few tips listed below which should help keep them as clean as possible:

  • Lay a covering on carpets (especially if they have just been cleaned)
  • Clean carpets and floors last if possible
  • You may also want to lay something on hard floors just in case
  • Put a mat at the door and advise everyone to wipe their feet before entering

Protection is Key

Ultimately protecting your floors and walls before the moving process is the best way to avoid any damage or unnecessary mess. Your removalist should be well experienced with this process and can offer advise if needed.