Interesting things to know when moving to Queensland

This Australian state is a popular choice when moving home due to the Queensland weather, ideal location and growing development. This article contains a Queensland map and interesting information on the state. If you are considering moving to Queensland this article is definitely worth a read.

Map of Queensland

Queensland is located on the north-east side of Australia and is bordered by the Northern Territory, South Australia and New South Wales. On the east, Queensland is complimented by water (The Coral Sea and Pacific Ocean). This makes up the stunning coastline the state is famous for.

Please see below for an interactive Queensland map.

Queensland Weather

The weather in Queensland varies in different parts of the state due to its large size. The coastline is mostly influenced by warm ocean waters reducing the regions risk of extreme temperatures and providing moisture for rainfall. Queensland weather is ideal for living offering great beach weather and consistent temperature ranges.

Please see below for insight into 2013 Queensland extreme weather conditions

Interesting facts about Queensland

  • The median age in QLD is 36 
  • 2nd largest state in Australia 
  • Most of Queensland has 8-9 hours of sunlight each day 
  • There are more females than males in the state 
  • The average Queensland family has 1.9 children 
  • There is an average 2.6 people in each household 
  • The median weekly rent in Queensland in $300 
  •  Median monthly mortgage repayments in the area is $1,850 
  •  There are over 200 national parks in the state 
  • Qantas airlines (Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) were established in 1920 in Longreach, Queensland 
  • One of the most famous products to come out of Queensland was XXXX beer.