Moving in with Your Partner

The “L-word” might be a scary discussion point amongst couples, but an even worse predicament may be the infamous “M-word” – moving. Moving in with a partner is a large step in any relationship and I’m not just talking about putting the toilet seat down.

There are a lot of things that come into the entire moving process – love, finances and of course the actual move.


Marshall Miller, the author of Unmarried To Each Other: The Essential Guide to Living Together as an Unmarried Couple, said that:

“Living together can be a powerful way to strengthen and deepen your relationship, but if you can make that leap before you’re both ready, it can harm the bond.”

Marshall Miller

Cosmopolitan recommends that you should be dating for a minimum six months, been on a decent vacation, have clothes and toiletries at each other’s residences’, had conversations about your futures, want to be with each other and very importantly when you disagree you can work it out.


Of course, love is very important, but finance comes a close second. Affording to move in together can be a stressful process, especially if money is short for both of you. Some important things recommended by financial advice and business forecast website Kiplinger, include talking about money together, keeping major purchases separate and putting your arrangement into writing.

Discussing your finances is critical to a relationship, especially deciding your long-term and short-term goals. If you both intend on spending a long time together, you should decide who pays for what whether it be groceries, rent, bills, rates and insurance.

Similar to that, a “roommate prenup” is a common way to keep your responsibilities on paper. This legal document can essentially outline who pays for what, and ensures that you are both serious about the move. See a sample here.

Keeping major purchases separate is also very important, and even though you may think you will be together forever, it may not end that way. Documenting your purchases for things such as refrigerators, couches and televisions is a way to keep ownership and makes things easier if things don’t work out.


The process of moving out together itself can be very stressful. To ease your stress make a checklist of things you need to do before moving.

Consolidating your two lives essentially into the one could even bring the relationship to an end if you can’t part with that couch or she refuses to lose her 100-year old lamps.

A long-distance move can be a hassle as well – ensure that you have planned well to avoid hiccups. Contacting a moving company can help to look after everything can alleviate the burden on your shoulders.

Look for a place that does free quotes – this can save you money for your housing. You can find a quote calculator here. Also insurance is very important, not only for peace of mind but to ensure you are completely covered for all your assets.

The last thing you probably want to do after moving is unpack all your stuff – take the hassle off your hands by asking your moving company about packing and unpacking services.

Once in your new home, remember the tips on love, finance and moving but most of all enjoy your new life together!