Moving your Business and How it is Different

Moving home is hard enough – but when economic times are tough, certain life events happen or you just need a change moving business can be even harder, but with the right advice you could save yourself a lot of time and money.

Physically Moving

Physically moving your business, depending of course on the type, can be very easy or very difficult. If your business for example contains a large amount of office furniture, equipment and documents it may be more difficult to make the move than a company that is completely online and only requires computers.

Ensuring you have insurance is pivotal – your assets, whether it be customer records, work related information or equipment is most probably imperative to your business’ success, therefore losing it or damaging it would be a serious hindrance to your new venture. Free insurance quotes are available from most removalist services.

Another critical thing is ensuring you get a removal quote prior to organising the move. With your business transfer costs, the last thing you need is an unexpected bill from a removalist.


There are certain licencing, taxation and regulation costs that come with transferring businesses interstate. They are often ambiguous but you should contact Investment and Export Services in your state to ensure you have paid all your fees. A step-by-step business interstate transfer is viewable here.

Where to Move?

There are several states in Australia begging for your business! Each state of Australia has their own selling criteria on their Government website, explaining why they are the best state to move to. Queensland’s for example boasts a competitive tax, high population growth and strong economy in tourism, agriculture, resources and construction.

It is also important to look at the particular industries and the percentage of employment per state, because this can provide crucial information on your particular market.

Location, Location, Location

Even though you may have found what state you’re moving to, it can be critical to your business where you are physically located. Ensure you find the right business location. View the Government’s recommendations for more help.