Moving Yourself VS Moving With a Removalist

A big decision when moving house is whether to get a couple of friends to help you or perhaps to hire a removalist. It comes down to a lot of different factors including size of your move, the distance you are going to travel, the worth of your assets and the cost of the move.


The size of your contents is probably one of the biggest factors in your decision making process. It would be nonsensical to move the contents of your two-storey house from Sydney to Brisbane by driving back and forth using a hire trailer. On the other hand, if you have only a couple boxes of goods, perhaps borrowing your mates ute is a better option.


How far you are moving is also an imperative aspect of whether to hire removalists or move personally. If you are moving down the road for example, you probably shouldn’t hire a removalist company, unless the contents of your assets are valuable (we’ll explain that later!). On the other hand moving interstate or over a long distance would definitely require a moving company, given the fact that the costs of going back and forth would be more than the cost of hiring a company!


You are moving quite close from your previous residence, but you have some expensive assets that you would hate to see ruined or broken. What should you do? Better to be safe then sorry. The best option would be to hire a removalist, that way you can ensure that everything will be smooth, sheltered accordingly and safe. Unless of course you want to put that vase in the back of Davo’s ute. Didn’t think so.


Is the cost of moving an issue? Perhaps you would want to go with your mates to save some cash. If cost is an issue, the size of your belongings isn’t too big, you don’t have expensive assets and you are moving relatively close moving with your mates is perhaps your best option.

Don’t forget though, if you have assets that are invaluable, don’t compromise their safety to save a bit of money here and there. The best way to move, even if you are tight on money, is to get insurance with your removalist. Free online quotes are available to ensure your costs don’t exceed your budget.

The Verdict

So remember, unless you are physically close to your new property, with low asset worth and low on cash (with good mates as well!) it is best to hire a removalist company. With insurance sorted, you won’t have a worry in the world, and instead of using the help of your mates you can invite them around to your new house!