Packing tips for moving interstate

Moving your life long distances calls for some extreme measures which is why we have compiled a selection of packing tips for your interstate move. Making sure everything is transported safely and on time is vital during any moving process. Your removal company plays a huge part in this process but you can assist them by packing your items strategically for maximum protection.

Be Prepared

You are about to move states meaning you cannot slack on good quality packing equipment especially if you want your belongings to be in the same condition you left them. The fact is your items are going to be moved around a lot and kept on a truck for a number of hours so it is important to have reliable materials and to pack properly. A few things to remember about being prepared when packing for an interstate move are:

  • Invest in plenty of bubble wrap and newspaper, it isn’t expensive and will save a lot of your valuable items from getting damaged
  • Use sturdy boxes to ensure they do not break or develop holes during the moving process
  • Use good quality tape to close boxes
  • Have a marker handy to mark boxes

Packing Tips

When packing everything into boxes use one part of the house (like the lounge room or garage). This helps you remain organised and keeps the clutter out of other sections of the house. An interstate move means you need maximum protection for your items. Don’t be afraid to wrap your breakables up as much as you think they need to ensure they are safe. Any items you cannot bare to lose or see damaged try and take with you. A few tips to consider when packing for an interstate move are:

  • Pack the heaviest items at the bottom
  • Keep similar items together
  • Do not over pack
  • Do not under pack boxes (if they are not stable and then stacked may collapse)
  • Avoid putting extremely heavy items in boxes completely
  • Wrap breakables well
  • Double wrap items in newspaper and bubble wrap if needed