Things to consider when buying a house

Buying a new home is a massive task even before you move in. Most of us underestimate the process involved. CK Interstate Removals have developed a strategy to help you buy your new home with the least amount of stress as possible.

How much do you want to spend?

Establish an amount first. Look at loan calculators online to determine how much you can afford to pay over and over how long. If you are having trouble finding a loan to suit your budget you may need to reconsider the timing of buying your new home.

The Loan

Getting an approved loan is the first step major step in buying a new house. Consider the deposit; you should have this prior to applying. Find a bank you trust, talk with friends for recommendations and consider every institution before you find the best option for you.


So your loan is approved and you’re super excited to move in your new home – but you haven’t found it yet. Don’t get over excited and settle for the first house you see for sale anywhere. Research areas you are interested in and determine your top 5 before looking.

What do you want?

Write a list of (reasonable) things you want in your new house. Then put it into two columns one for wants and one for needs. For example you may want a veranda but need storage space. This will help you compromise if you end up needing to.


Budget the whole process. Buying the house is the start of your financial journey. You may have renovations, new furniture, removalists, travel expenses to cover or other unexpected fees. Plan for everything and don’t find yourself behind in money with a house you can’t afford.