How to save money while moving house

Moving can be expensive but there are some tips we have learnt over our years in the industry that can save you money during your next move. The trick is to think ahead and be efficient with your planning. Below are a few tips and tricks to help you on your quest for a cheaper move.

Re-use boxes

You generally don’t think about the costs associated with cardboard boxes but they can be quite expensive. By either re-using existing boxes or borrowing off friends you will find yourself saving money during your move. Also try contacting local business or supermarkets to see if they have any they can give you that would otherwise be going in the bin.

Have a garage sale or donate to charity

Getting rid of unwanted and hoarded items well before the move will greatly benefit your moving budget. The more you have the more you pay. Even little items can add up if there is enough of them so have a good clean out before packing items for your move.

Pack smartly

Packing every box with rolls of bubble wrap is expensive, try to use newspaper, blankets or towels to avoid the cost of unnecessary packing materials.

Keep track of costs

Tracking all of the money you spend while moving can effectively help you save. When we pay for things we normally don’t recognise the total costs if we are only paying little chunks here or there. Put the numbers in your phone, diary or piece of paper on the fridge and keep them calculated at the total cost to far.

Plan, plan plan!

Avoid going into your move with no general idea on expenses and timing. Planning gives you the advantage when taking control of your move and sticking to a budget. You are the only person who can save money on your move.