How to handle moving with kids

Moving with kids is completely different to moving without them. They add a heap of extra work and stress. The best way to move with kids (especially younger ones) is to get them out of the house just like when moving with pets.

If you have young kids put them in child care or drop them off at a family friend’s house alternatively you could even hire a babysitter. For the older kids, either complete the packing while they are at school or get them to help if you think they will speed up the process.

CK Interstate has compiled a few extra tips to help you make your move the kids as easy as possible.

Communicate with them

Keep the kids in the loop; make them feel like they are a part of the moving process by involving them in conversations. Ask them questions about their room, what they want to take with him, what they want to pack first. Help them but make them feel like they have some control. If there are valuables you are worried about pack them yourself first before.

Explain the moving day process

Don’t leave them to wake up to strange people rummaging through their house and half the furniture gone, give them a run down in advance and remind them the night before.

Keep their favourite items on hand

If they have a toy, blanket or even favourite food, keep it available to them in case they become stressed or confused.

Show them the new house before moving

Take them to your knew house or show them pictures before moving so they know what to expect. Let them explore the neighbourhood as soon as possible and spend time with them when you first arrive. It may even be worth meeting your neighbours and seeing if there are any other kids in the area.