Moving made easy: 10 tips for your removal day

1. Think and Plan Ahead

It’s never too early to start planning your moving process. The more you have planned and organised the better. Simple things like planning what to pack first, what to load last and what to take in your personal care can save a large amount of stress on the day. Keep a diary or record notes on your phone to ensure you remember everything and don’t forget simple things amidst your busy moving day – like turning off the electricity before leaving.

2. Over Prepare

There is nothing worse than being in the final stretch of packing and running out of boxes. Always over prepare to ensure there are no last minute runs at inconvenient times for more moving supplies. It is not just boxes, don’t forget the sticky tape, scissors and markers which can easily become lost, broken, or be used to its full potential.

3. Get Help

If you are stressing about the move by yourself or with young children ask for help or hire a friendly service to assist you. Book these well in advance to ensure your dates are available and that friends are free to help. Put the kids in day-care or ask the neighbour to watch them for a few hours so you can solely focus on moving or packing.

4. Find the right removalists for you

Price isn’t everything. Some companies may offer you a discounted price without mentioning how many guys will accompany the truck to assist you. Ask all the questions and write a list if you need to ensure you know everything you need to know about your removalist company. CK Interstate Removals offer an array of services to suit all budgets and removalists needs; we can give you a free quote online.

5. Notify your building manager

This step may not apply to everyone but if you are moving into an apartment or complex you should notify the manager. In some buildings you may be able to reserve an elevator to save time. It is also courteous and will put you on good grounds with your new neighbours.

6. Have a cleanout

We all underestimate how much we have acquired over the years, which is why moving provides the perfect opportunity to get rid of some unneeded items. This will help you feel refreshed in your new home and take away some extra lifting weight. Op shops are a great way to recycle un-wanted items and contribute to a greater cause. Old and unusable items should be taken to your local dump.

7. Consider alternative storage

If you have had a clean out and still have items you cannot bare to part with you should consider hiring a storage solution. This will avoid clutter in your new home and ensure your belongings are still safe and secure.

8. Postal redirection

Don’t forget to visit your local post office and redirect your mail on the appropriate dates. You may even want to do a few days earlier to ensure you don’t have any mail reaching your old address.

9. Consider pets

Your pets are also going to be greatly affected by this move. Consider their health and wellbeing, and don’t forget about them! Be sure you have appropriate transport for them especially if moving interstate and try and keep them away from the packing process as seeing their home being disrupted can upset or stress them. Get the number and address for your new local vet so you are always prepared and make sure your pet has your contact details on them or is micro chipped with your updated address.

10. Telephone, internet, electricity and gas.

We all know it but can sometimes forget while are minds are occupied with a hundred other things during the move. These need to be set-up and disconnected in your new home and old. Be sure to leave at least 2 weeks for any new connections to avoid disappointment.