Useful tips for renters when moving frequently

Renters tend to move around a lot more than your average home owner. As a renter there are also restrictions that can impact your lifestyle and overall comfort. CK Interstate Removals have created a list of useful tips for renters to use, especially when moving house frequently.

Do your research

When moving house, do your research on the suburb and surrounding rental prices. You can sometimes save money by going to the next suburb over. A benefit of renting is that you can be more ‘picky’ when it comes to location and there are always rentals available. Finding the right house can be difficult but it is still essential to find the right one to live in for the year or more (depending on your lease).

Treat your rental as a home

The biggest mistake renters make is not getting comfortable in their own house after moving in because the lease is only 6-12 months. A rental house is still a home so make it yours no matter how long you are there.

Decorate it

Decorating as a renter has always been seen as a no go zone. But hanging pictures, placing ornaments and adding stylish furniture are always acceptable. There is no need to nail pictures into the wall these days with no damage hangers available at local supermarkets. Cheap decorations are cheap and easy to get from shops and garage sales. Furniture is the best way to decorate your home no matter if it is a rental or your own. It travels with you wherever you go and is easily upgraded and adjusted. If you want to paint or add to your house be sure to speak with your landlord first remembering that if you are adding to the value of the house and it is a reasonable request there should not be a problem.

Avoid clutter

If you are renting it is best to avoid hoarding or keeping unnecessary items. This will keep moving costs down and help you keep your home effortlessly tidy.